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Slavery Free Chocolate Campaign

Today (Friday 28th February) we launched the Slavery-free Chocolate for Easter campaign with students from St Bernard’s College, Essendon and students from Penleigh Essendon  Grammar School.

Attached is a copy of flyer that we ask you to read, and share with others.

As we celebrate the core of our Faith – that is the Life, Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ, let us not forget that even our smallest actions have the capacity to impact on the lives of others.

The Slavery–free chocolate campaign is designed to free those children, predominantly in West Africa, who are trafficked into picking cocoa to make the chocolate that we, in the developed world enjoy.

This campaign has already had great success, with chocolate manufacturers pledging to source an increasing amount of their chocolate from ethical sources.

The time to keep going is now.

Let‘s ensure that all are chocolate is sourced from workers who received decant and fair wages and conditions and that children receive the necessary education that will assist them to elevate themselves out of poverty.

When you purchase chocolate this Easter will you make sure that it is slavery-free???  Can we make our schools – slavery free???

If your store doesn’t sell Fair Trade Chocolate will you ask the owner or manager – WHY NOT????

Thank you for your assistance and wishing you and your family:
                                                     a Spirit-filled Lent and the joy of Christ‘s Resurrection at Easter.

Mark Clarke
On behalf of the Office for Justice and Peace