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NCCA Anniversary and website

Dear Friends

Today is the 21st anniversary of the inauguration of National Council of Churches in Australia. We are celebrating this anniversary with the launch of our new website. I hope that you will Like us– and pass the link to others. It is a work in progress. Please let us know if you wold like us to add any news, request from your church or NCCA activity.

Many will recall the event in St Christopher’s Cathedral in Canberra.

Margaret Roberts, one of the artists involved in making the mantle, wrote:

The biggest thrill for me was the impact the mantle had on the service. It was indeed very moving to witness the mantle being processed in, unfolded, passed from the representative of the Australian Council of Churches to the representative of the National Council of Churches and then unfurled further and in the hands of the dancers to flow over the heads of all those in the cathedral. This was accompanied by the most wonderful music of the ecumenical choir and instrumentalists singing 'You are my inheritance, 0 Lord'.

May we continue to give thanks for the blessings received and continue to strive to fulfil the hopes expressed on that day.



Elizabeth Delaney SGS

General Secretary

National Council of Churches in Australia