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Victoria Launches Embrace Diversity Campaign

Dear Friends,

As you would know there has been an increasing degree of activity by a number of parties that would seek to create fear and unease regarding our cultural diversity.


On the 16th of July the Primer of Victoria Daniel Andrews launched a new #EmbraceDiversity campaign which aims to promote inclusion and harmony in Australia and around the world.

There is interest in ensuring a clear recognition of the strength of our Multicultural Society and the benefits it brings not only in social terms but also the economic benefits.

We are hoping to demonstrate the resounding commitment by political leaders, business, community, philanthropic and the not for profit sectors to the embracing of diversity.

A number of high profile people have joined the campaign to show their support for diversity in the community. Click Here to watch the video.

We’re encourage you to promote and share #EmbraceDiversity within your networks

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Get involved

-        Post a photo of yourself holding the #EmbraceDiversity sign;

-        Change your profile picture to the Embrace Diversity logo; or

-        Share your thoughts on what #EmbraceDiversity means to you;

-        Remember to include #EmbraceDiversity in your posts.

partners include but not limited to– AFL, Netball Victoria, FIFA Victoria, Twitter Australia, Facebook, Google Australia, Australia Post, Australian Super, VECCI, Westpac, Victorian Trades Hall, Scanlon Foundation, Breast Cancer Network Australia, Melbourne Writers Festival, Portland House Foundation, Cricket Australia, Google Australia, Melbourne City, Melbourne Victory, Linfox and Commonwealth Bank.

If you need more information please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Join the conversation. Help us #EmbraceDiversity