Pope Francis and Other Prophetic Voices

Pope Francis and Other Prophetic Voices are calling us to reject the ways of greed and violence and breathe new hope in the search for peace and justice.  These voices invite us to focus our attention on how we relate to God, to one another and to the earth. They remind us that we live in a troubled, unequal, often violent and anxious world, and that this places on us heavy responsibilities to renew our commitment to the public good, and respect the dignity of all human beings, especially the poor and the vulnerable. This event is open to members of all faiths, cultures and communities. Join us 17th and 18th September at St Michael’s on Collins.

Youth are also invited to come along and explore how to become the best you can be in a changing and diverse society. The youth forum Reshape Your World is a space where school and university students will engage with questions such as what is the world Pope Francis sees and is responding to? Are Francis’ eyes seeing right? Are these the issues? Are youth fired up about these same issues? If yes, what are they doing about them? If not, why not? What are you hearing from your peers? These are just some of the questions that youth will explore at the youth forum on 16th September at St Michael’s on Collins. Youth of all religion and faiths are welcome to attend.

Register at www.acu.edu.au/popefrancis

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