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Anti-Poverty Week: Prayer Guide & Videos (Updated)

Research shows that poverty has a direct impact on the economic, social and spiritual aspects of people's lives. The cycle of poverty and disadvantage once begun can be difficult to break and diminishes the individual and the society in which it occurs. The Salvation Army's experience with disadvantaged Australians demonstrates that without basic necessities being met, people survive but do not flourish as full participating members of society.


For the full Reflection and Prayer Guide which is on our Resources page, please read here.

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Below are a couple of videos for Anti-Poverty Week this year that show how difficult it can be to budget on income support payments.  Here are the links, please feel free to spread them far and wide via social media or any other outlets you have.



There are downloadable versions as well if you want to use the videos in meetings or events where you can't stream directly from YouTube: