Take the challenge! Eat like a Refugee for a week to support Refugees living on the Thai-Burma Border.


Eat the same rations as a refugee from Burma for one week, raise money, and show them they're not alone.

For more: www.actforpeace.org.au/rationchallenge

Please find attached a flyer for the next meeting of the Victorian Chapter of the Australian Church Library Association.

Our organisation is very ecumenical  -  our current membership list includes church librarians from at least nine different denominations.  

Please feel free to distribute.

A scheme to help Churches lower their carbon footprint is being launched nationally. Known as NEEN the program is a rich source of information to help Churches be more energy efficient. Further information can be found by clicking on this link.

"A Coalition of Citizens and Organisation calling for a national conversation on Australia's identity and the place of war in its past and future."

'ANZAC Centenary 2015' is a coalition of community and faith based organisations and individuals, initiated by Pax Christi Victoria. Member organisations are active around issues of peace, social justice, human rights, environment, education, local government and interfaith dialogue.'

Read more here.

By clicking here, you will be able to download and view a 2014 Week of Prayer for Christian Unity Reflections booklet.

Today (Friday 28th February) we launched the Slavery-free Chocolate for Easter campaign with students from St Bernard’s College, Essendon and students from Penleigh Essendon  Grammar School.

Attached is a copy of flyer that we ask you to read, and share with others.

As we celebrate the core of our Faith – that is the Life, Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ, let us not forget that even our smallest actions have the capacity to impact on the lives of others.

The Slavery–free chocolate campaign is designed to free those children, predominantly in West Africa, who are trafficked into picking cocoa to make the chocolate that we, in the developed world enjoy.

This campaign has already had great success, with chocolate manufacturers pledging to source an increasing amount of their chocolate from ethical sources.

The time to keep going is now.

Let‘s ensure that all are chocolate is sourced from workers who received decant and fair wages and conditions and that children receive the necessary education that will assist them to elevate themselves out of poverty.

When you purchase chocolate this Easter will you make sure that it is slavery-free???  Can we make our schools – slavery free???

If your store doesn’t sell Fair Trade Chocolate will you ask the owner or manager – WHY NOT????

Thank you for your assistance and wishing you and your family:
                                                     a Spirit-filled Lent and the joy of Christ‘s Resurrection at Easter.

Mark Clarke
On behalf of the Office for Justice and Peace 






"This paper has been written to inform the development of a set of policy recommendations which will be presented to political parties and electoral candidates prior to the November 2014 Victorian State Election. It will also be used as background information for a brochure to be prepared for congregations and the wider community, and for other advocacy purposes.
Drawing on discussions of the Inter-church Criminal Justice Taskforce discussions to date, the paper seeks to

  • Reflect best practice policies in each area of concern (refer to the Table of Contents for the policy areas)
  • Show how government can migrate from current practice to where we would like criminal justice policy to go
  • Provide cogent argument for policy change – the government is seeking better, more cost-effective ways than the present way. The paper outlines alternative approaches to current problems.

The paper will be supplemented on the Victorian Council of Churches website with successor documents as they become available."


Please click here for the rest of the paper (36 pages)



'I was in prison and you visited Me'
A Christian approach to criminal justice


"This year, summer forecasts show that parts of Victoria are at above average risk of bush and grassfire.

 Although it’s important to prepare your property for fire, it’s also essential to plan for what you’re going to do if a fire starts this summer."


Click here for further information (as issued from the Department of Justice).

The Commission on Gospel and Culture have updated their web page, have a look here.

The Interchurch Criminal Justice Taskforce calls on the Victorian Government to ensure that the new prison to be built at Ravenhall in Melbourne's west incorporates best practice in rehabilitation, the provision of high quality mental and general health services, and effective transitional support - see attached media release, of 4 August 2013.


Please click here for the Media Release.



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