Respectful Relationships

National Council of Churches


Social Justice

Anglican Diocese of Melbourne


Comparative Religions Guides

Jewish Christian Muslim Association of Australia


Publications (available from the VCC Bookstore)

  1. On The Path to Mutual Respect, Alan Nichols, Acorn Press Limited, 2007
  2. Guidelines For Multifaith Gatherings: A Document Prepared for Faith Communities and for People of Goodwill Who Want to Organise a Multifaith Gathering, Victorian Council of Churches in collaboration with Victorian Multicultural Commission
  3. Authority and the Christian Life: Five Ecumenical Studies on ‘Authority and the Christian Life’ from the Faith & Order Commission of the Victorian Council of Churches, ed. Jeff Gray, Victorian Council of Churches, 1989
  4. Interfaith Marriage: Some Pastoral Guidelines, Victorian Council of Churches, 2010 ($5.00 inc. postage)
  5. Renewing Creation: Listening to the Groans and Hopes of the Earth, ed. David Schubert, South Australian Heads of Churches, 2003
  6. Eat This Bread, Drink This Cup: Eucharistic Practice in Australian Churches: A Booklet for Group Study and Prayer, Ray Williamson & Gerard Kelly (eds.), NSW Ecumenical Council Incorporated, 2004 ($4.00)
  7. Catholics and Catholicism in Contemporary Australia: Challenges & Achievements, Dr Abe W. Ata ed., David Lovell Publishing, Melbourne, 2012 ($30.00 plus $5.00 postage)