Child Safe Standards

Note: the current 7 Standards are being replaced with 11 new Standards from 1 July 2022. The old standards will no longer be compliant after that date. In addition, the Child Safe Standards website will no longer be compliant, and we recommend going straight to the CCYP website (Commission for Children and Young People) which has the latest information, and resources.

All churches/denominations have moral and legal responsibilities in regards to meeting the 11 Standards.

As well, “people who are doing child-related work and are not exempt need a Working With Children check. This applies to both paid and volunteer workers”.


All children have the right to feel safe and be safe, but safety does not just happen. The Child Safe Standards exist to prevent harm and abuse from happening in organisations. Most organisations that work or volunteer with children and young people, including religious bodies and churches, are required to meet the Standards.

On 1 July 2022, the new Standards commence, and the old Standards will no longer apply. The new Standards include new requirements for organisations to involve families and communities in their work to keep children and young people safe. The Standards place a greater focus on the safety of Aboriginal children and young people and about managing the risk of child abuse in online environments.

For some organisations, it may take time and effort to complete implementation. From January 2023, the Commission will expect organisations to have more comprehensively implemented the new Standards.

If you’re just getting started, download the Short guide to the Child Safe Standards. This guide provides an overview of the key concepts and requirements to assist organisations to comply with the new Standards, including information on what the Commission will look for when assessing compliance.

If you are familiar with the current Standards or you are looking for more detailed information, you can access A guide for creating a Child Safe Organisation. This guide has detailed information and advice on how to comply with each Standard.

The Commission also has a range of tools and templates to help organisations develop key policies, practices and procedures. These are available in the resources section of the CYYP website.

Churches with Child Safe teams/resources

Uniting Church National Safe Church Unit

The VICTAS Synod Culture of Safety Unit,

Anglican Diocese of Melbourne Safe Ministry Training

Anglican Diocese of Ballarat Safe Church program

Anglican Diocese of Bendigo Safe Church program

Anglican Diocese of Wangaratta Safe Church program

Anglican Diocese of Gippsland Safe Church program

NCCA Safe Church program

National Catholic Safeguarding Standards

Catholic Diocese of Ballarat

Lutheran Church of Australia Child Safety Standards

Salvation Army Australian Territory

Churches of Christ VisTas Child Safe policies

The Victorian Professional Standards Network has a membership that includes VCC member churches – Catholic, Anglican, Uniting Church in Australia, Salvation Army, Churches of Christ, Lutheran Church of Australia, as well as the Presbyterian Church, Seventh Day Adventist, and the Baptist Union of Victoria.

Key dates include:

4th August.
National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children’s Day (Children’s Day) is the national day dedicated to celebrating our children.

22 Oct           
(UCA) Anniversary of the Apology to victims and survivors of institutional child sexual abuse 

22-30 Oct      National Children’s Week

20 Nov          Universal Children’s Day