Christmas Bowl Resources 2022

Week of Prayer for Christian Unity resources 2023

Ecumenical Prayer Cycle (World Council of Churches)

Ecumenical Trends is the bimonthly journal of Graymoor Ecumenical & Interreligious Institute (United States), which publishes articles on the ecumenical and interreligious movements. The journal is available in print and online. Ecumenical Trends reports on current trends and progress in these movements around the world. It covers theological consultations, conversations, dialogues and cooperation, and it notes the availability of documents and resources. Ecumenical Trends occasionally publishes the text of dialogue documents. Regularly, Ecumenical Trends features exclusive interviews with leaders in the ecumenical and interreligious fields.

COVID-19 resources – see the link on this website

Child Safe Standards

Reflective Being, Being Reflective: 25 years of multi faith perspectives on disability and spirituality in Australia and Aotearoa, New Zealand (2022) edited by edited by Andy Calder, Jayne Clapton and Trevor Parmenter.
Copies can be purchased in person at Centre for Theology and Ministry (29 College Crescent, Parkville 3052). The e-book version is $25 and can be purchased at from the day of the launch. Also Amazon, Booktopia.

10 Strategies for improving employment outcomes for people with disability. Downloadable resource.
(Authors: Andrew Thies, Deborah Warr, Shelley Mallett and Diane Brown, 2021).

Environment resources and statements
See Environmental Matters page on this website for resources, statements, events and activities.

Domestic and family violence
See Domestic and family violence resources page on this website

Human Trafficking
Hidden in Plain Sight: an inquiry into establishing a Modern Slavery Act in Australia (Parliamentary submission)

See resources, links and networks on this website here.

Reconciliation and Referendum
A compilation of helpful resources for congregations on a separate page on this website – click here.

See separate page here

Victorian Multicultural Commission annual report 2020-21

Respectful Relationships
Anglicans Promoting Respectful Relationships – Strategic Policy
Anglicans Promoting Respectful Relationships – Discussion Paper

A draft protocol for mutual recognition and respect in Pluralistic Australia: A response to the Racial and Religious Tolerance Act (2001) in Victoria by the Heads of Christian Churches (in the book ‘On the path to mutual respect’ by Alan Nichols and published by the Victorian Council of Churches – copies available for free by contacting the VCC office,

Social Justice
Social Justice in the Marketplace (Anglican Diocese of Melbourne)

Voices of Victoria Listening Tour 2022 (VCOSS)
The statewide ‘Listening Tour’ (held from Feb to May 2022) listened to Victorians in light of the COVID pandemic. Victorians spoke about loneliness, the ‘digital divide’, housing struggles, access to decent food and the rising cost of essentials among their chief concerns. Downloadable PDF resource.

Public Theology
Ethos: Centre for Christianity and Society
Publishes Zadok publications and papers and Ethos, and has a blog.

Children’s Ministry
Chris Barnett collates a monthly email with resources for children’s and family ministry. You can receive the mailing by contacting Chris (details here)

Comparative Religions Guides
Jewish Christian Muslim Association of Australia
A Comparative Guide to Judaism, Christianity and Islam

Online publications
A Celebration of Ut unum sint: The 25th Anniversary (Eds. Doru Costache and Diane Speed, Sydney 2020)
Download PDF here.
This publication celebrates the release of Pope John Paul II’s significant encyclical on ecumenism. TRC (Theological Reflection Commission, NSW Ecumenical Council) has seized the occasion as an opportunity to make a contribution to rebooting the dialogue of love between Christians of all persuasions.

The Ecumenical Movement: Theological Foundations by Rev Dr Ray Williamson OAM (NSW Ecumenical Council)
Download PDF here

The Ecumenical Movement: A History from 1948 by Rev Dr Ray Williamson OAM (NSW Ecumenical Council)
Download PDF here.

Print publications

The future of Mission Cooperation: The Living Legacy of the International Missionary Council 2022. Edited by Jukko Risto
Free download here.

Guidelines For Multifaith Gatherings: A Document Prepared for Faith Communities and for People of Goodwill Who Want to Organise a Multifaith Gathering, Victorian Council of Churches in collaboration with Victorian Multicultural Commission

Interfaith Marriage: Some Pastoral Guidelines, Victorian Council of Churches, 2010

Renewing Creation
: Listening to the Groans and Hopes of the Earth, ed. David Schubert, South Australian Heads of Churches, 2003

Eat This Bread, Drink This Cup
: Eucharistic Practice in Australian Churches: A Booklet for Group Study and Prayer, Ray Williamson & Gerard Kelly (eds.), NSW Ecumenical Council Incorporated, 2004

Authority and the Christian Life: Five Ecumenical Studies on ‘Authority and the Christian Life’ from the Faith & Order Commission of the Victorian Council of Churches, ed. Jeff Gray, Victorian Council of Churches, 1989

Catholics and Catholicism in Contemporary Australia: Challenges & Achievements, Dr Abe W. Ata ed., David Lovell Publishing, Melbourne, 2012

Election 2022 resources
Election 2022 Guide the ABC great tool
Uniting Church in Australia – A vision for a just Australia: Federal election resource 2022
Australian Catholic Bishops Conference – Bishops call for ‘a better kind of politics’
Salvation Army, Social Justice Stocktake (May 2022)
Scarring effects of the pandemic economy: COVID-19’s ongoing impact on jobs, insecurity and social services in Victoria ( a report produced in April 2022 by the Australian Catholic University (ACU) in partnership with Catholic Social Services Victoria (CSSV) and St Mary’s House of Welcome outlining COVID-19’s ongoing impact of jobs, insecurity and social services in Victoria).
Church Leaders ask political leaders to ‘take powerful action’ on climate change (Church Leaders Easter statement on the environment)
Uniting Vic/Tas – an opportunity to build a fairer, more equitable Australia for all
Church Leaders Easter Message on the Environment here.
Bishop Philip Huggins, Director, Centre for Ecumenical Studies, Australian Centre for Christianity and Culture on climate change and the Federal Election.
A Public Affairs Commission discussion paper on Climate Change 2021 by the Rev’d Dr Evan Pederick (Anglican).
A series by Anglican Bishop, The Rt Rev Dr Peter Stuart
Issue 1: ‘We need a proper commitment to aged and disability care‘; ’Issue 2: ‘We need balanced legislation to protect freedom of religion‘;
Issue 3: Affordable Housing;
Issue 4: Integrity in Government

Election 2022: Roadmap for Reconciliation (Reconciliation Australia)