Winter Shelters

Stable One and Winter Shelters
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(please contact us if there are more examples of this amazing ecumenical activity,

Stable One has identified, researched and developed resources to support a model that allows the Church to offer hospitality and make a practical difference during the coldest time of year to people experiencing homelessness – Winter Shelters. We encourage projects to be autonomous as they look to meet local needs. but also believe there is significant benefit in being connected for continual improvement and the development of best practice. Email:

Yarra Valley Winter Shelter URL link here
Guest Contact: 03 9760 6400 (Mon-Fri)
Volunteer Registration:
Local churches work together through Winter (1 June – 31 August) to support men and women experiencing homelessness in the Yarra Valley. They open their buildings overnight with dinner, dormitory-style sleeping, and breakfast. A Daytime Support Centre offers lunch, laundry and shower facilities and additional opportunities for connection and referrals.

Wangaratta – Wang Night Shelter
Facebook page here.
Contact Email:
Shelter: 0474 777 603
Project Coordinator: 0419 530 455
Zac’s Place, 1-3 Wills St
Zac’s Fireplace will be open every Thursday from 1st June from 6pm.

Maroondah Winter Shelter
URL link here; email here; phone (03) 9876 4503
The Community Meals program runs all year round and the Overnight Shelter program runs from June 1st – August 31st. New Volunteers are always welcome!
” Winter Shelter is a Maroondah churches and community response to local homelessness. It is the mission of Winter Shelter to provide shelter, food and honour for people who need shelter, comfort and support. We work together with local Christian churches to provide the best support to those without shelter in Maroondah”.

Frankston Churches Winter Shelter
URL link here; email here
The Frankston Winter Shelter is a combined project of the Frankston churches coming together in unity to support the vulnerable in our local community.
Frankston Winter Shelter aims to offer a bed, a warm meal and safe place for the night across Monday through to Friday each week through the winter months.
The model is based on Stable One’s model which aims to provide ‘more than a place to stay’ by offering guests a safe, caring, non-judgemental community environment to receive refreshment, hope and rest.
It runs for thirteen weeks providing crisis accommodation for up to 10 people experiencing homelessness in the city of Frankston.

Sunbury Winter Shelter
Contact Email:
Contact Phone: 0497 216 118

Bendigo Winter Night Shelter

Mornington Peninsula (not sure if it’s operational)

Foster Community – South Gippsland (not sure if it’s operational). Contact: Frontier Services and Corner Inlet Parish Prom Country Bush Chaplain Rev. Veronica Bradley, 0402 522 442.