History – Officers

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1948-1973… tbc

Rev R Neil Gilmore (Chairman) Churches of Christ
re-elected in 1973
(Vice-Chairmen re-elected in 1973: Bishop G.B.Muston, Prof A.A. Anderson, Very Rev N. Faichney, Prof N. Young)

Rev Pamela Kerr (Moderator) Uniting 1997-1999

Rt Rev Fr. Nabil Katchab Antiochian Orthodox 1999-2001

Very Rev Peter Kenny Roman Catholic 2001-2003

Pastor Gordon Wegener Lutheran 2003-2005

Rev A/Deacon Philip Newman Anglican 2005-2007

Captain Kerryn Roberts. Salvation Army 2007-2009

Rev Jason Kioa (Moderator) Uniting 2009-2011

Rev Ian Smith Churches of Christ 2011-2013

Mr Frank Stuart Roman Catholic 2013-2015

Mr Ashok Jacob Mar Thoma 2015-2017

Rt Rev Peter Danaher Anglican 2017-2019

Rev Fr Shenouda Boutros Coptic Orthodox 2019-2021
https://vox.divinity.edu.au/news/fr-shenouda-boutros-announced-president-of-the-victorian-council-of-churches/ (plus photo)

Announcement by Coptic Church


Mr Graeme Blackman Anglican 2021-2023

Deacon Joseph Leach Catholic 2023-2025


General Secretary/Executive Officer

1948 to 1966…. tbc

Rev. Douglas Dargaville Anglican 1966-1982

Rev Robert Gribben Uniting 1989-1995

(Rev Douglas Dargaville Anglican 1995)

Rev Hamish-Christie-Johnston Uniting 1995-2000

Ms Maureen Postma Uniting 2001-2009

Mr Theo Mackaay Anglican 2009-2013

Rev Ian Smith Churches of Christ 2013-2021

Rev Sandy Boyce Uniting 2022-



Very Rev Peter Kenny Roman Catholic 2004-2010

Captain Kerryn Roberts Salvation Army 2010-2012

Captain Gary Hart Salvation Army 2015-2017

Ms Lisa Carey Uniting 2018-2020

Mr Ashok Jacob Mar Thoma 2020-