Environmental matters


Climate of the Nation 2022 report
Former PM Malcolm Turnbull launched the 2022 Australia Institute’s Climate of the Nation report on 3 Nov 2022. The summary can be read here, and the full report can be read here.

Prayers and meditations leading up to COP27 (downloadable resource)

How faith can help fight climate change
A Radio National broadcast on Soul Search series, 5 August 2022. Hosted by Brooke Prentis, with guests Wies Schuiringa (a Quaker, environmental activist and Vice-President of NSW Ecumenical Council), Gawaine Powell Davies (Chair of the Buddhist Council of NSW), and Daniel Billy (one of the #TorresStrait8, a group of Torres Strait Islanders taking a formal complaint against the Australian government to the UN Human Rights Commission for inaction on climate change). 

CCA (Christian Conference of Asia) statement for World Environment Day 2022

Regenerating Australia video (on Youtube for hire for $3.99)
Environmental matters, climate justice, care of creation… lots of congregations and church groups are engaged in different ways. Here’s an interesting short Australian film that could be a catalyst for conversation. It’s a hypothetical news report from 2030 based on interviews with a diverse group of Australians who were asked about their hopes and dreams for the future. Very hopeful (and hypothetical – depends what we do next). Consider organising a viewing with a few other people (ecumenical/local/interfaith) to raise the issue of the possible alternative story if Australia acts to address the climate emergency now. Could also be part of planning for the Season of Creation in September?