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Catholic Archbishop – 2023 Easter Message

In his Easter message this year, Archbishop Peter A Comensoli draws our attention to three important things that flow from the resurrection. Like Mary in the garden, we are recognised by the risen Christ, who knows us intimately; we are invited to share in his healing peace; and we are sent out in his name, so that we might share these gifts with others, living ‘each day illumined by his resurrection, as the reason for our hope’.


Easter 2023: ‘Recognised, healed and sent’


Three things flow from the resurrection of Jesus Christ; three things that matter. In his resurrection, Jesus recognises us personally; he invites us to peace; and he sends us out.

The very first word Jesus spoke following his resurrection was a name: Mary. He saw his friend, and although she could not yet recognise him, he called her by name.

Similarly, Jesus personally recognised his friends, to whom he appeared. There was something intimate, and tender, and hospitable about the risen Lord. He draws us into his own resurrected life.

Jesus, in his resurrection, also offered an invitation to peace. ‘Peace be with you’ was his first—and repeated—declaration. It was an invitation to a share in his forgiveness, and to be healed. Jesus reconciled all creation to himself on the cross; now, he offers us a share in his healing peace.

Finally, through his resurrection, Jesus sends forth his friends. Jesus charged his followers to share the Good News of redemption, and our life in his.

Mary: Go and tell the others.

Peter: Go and feed my sheep.

Friends: Go and make disciples.

Jesus gave out this task so that the gift of his death and resurrection would not be only for the few.

These same three things from Jesus’ resurrection—his recognising, his inviting, his sending—all belong to us now; they are ours to share in.

The risen Jesus recognises each of us personally by name.

The risen Jesus invites each of us to share in his healing gift of peace.

The risen Jesus sends each of us out in his name, with the gift of life.

He says to us, ‘Follow me,’ that we might live each day illumined by his resurrection, as the reason for our hope.

So, may our lives be filled with the energy, joy and youthfulness of the risen Jesus, knowing that, in him, I am recognised, I am healed, and I am sent.

Happy Easter to you.

Archbishop Peter A Comensoli