Funding – Sir Ronald Wilson Ecumenical Leadership Fund

Ronald Wilson Ecumenical Leadership Fund

The Ecumenical Leadership Fund assists young people eager to enlarge their ecumenical experience and leadership skills.  It helps those who have exhibited leadership potential to develop their gifts and focus their vision.

The following are just some of the places where such studies might be pursued:

Other proposals for involvement in significant ecumenical developments will be considered.


  1. Applicants are expected to present significant proposals for enhancing their ecumenical perceptions and/or leadership skills, indicating the benefits anticipated for themselves and for the wider church.
  2. Normally each application is endorsed by an appropriate body within the person’s own church.
  3. The grant is intended to cover not more than 75% of the costs of the applicant’s proposal, requiring some financial commitment from the applicant, local church and/or other parties.
  4. Applicants should be aged 35 or less.  Standard post-graduate degree work in seminaries or other academic institutions falls beyond the purpose of the Fund.
  5. Successful applicants accept responsibility for reporting back to the committee and to their own churches at the completion of the programme.


Application for assistance should take the form of a letter setting out your plans and aspirations for serving the church in Australia, with all the usual information about yourself, your background and interests, and your financial needs.

Please include two references, one of them from a leading figure in your denomination.

Enquiries and applications should be directed to

General Secretary
National Council of Churches in Australia
Locked Bag Q199

Email: secretariat[at]

Source: National Council of Churches in Australia