Korus Connect

Korus Connect* has this week released the annual review for the last year. Very interesting reading about the diverse and creative work of Korus Connect. Definitely well worth a read!

(*Korus Connect is the name for the Council for Christian Education in Schools).

Korus Connect CEO Dawn Penney

‘The Korus Connect vision is one of supported communities with thriving people – engaged in their local area, collaborating with one another and concerned for the welfare of their neighbours. We desire to see communities that are connected, supported and whole. Korus Connect is advancing and evolving. We are collaborating with others to rebuild, restore and reconnect communities after a tumultuous two years’.

‘This season of uncertainty has enabled chaplains, connectors and SRI (Special Religious Instruction) Instructors to serve as beacons of hope, anchors of peace and models of grace. Their gift of presence has helped move people from isolation to connection, from fear to hope, and from hope to peace’.

‘The Korus Connect team has forged innovative research partnerships to demonstrate how positive community impact, improved well-being and stronger community alliances can be achieved’.

‘In the year ahead, we will continue to develop our support for churches as they seek to re-engage their internal and external communities’.

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