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Pacific farm workers

Pacific seasonal farm workers have made a major contribution to the agricultural industry in Australia, including here in Victoria, through the PALM scheme (Pacific Australia Labour Mobility).

Workers from Samoa are experienced in agriculture and horticulture, aged care, meat processing, tourism and hospitality, fisheries and health services, as well as a range of other industries. Samoan men and women are known for being hardworking, strong, and quick to learn.

It is very sad news to hear the news that Pacific seasonal farm workers have been involved in a fiery crash near Mildura, resulting in the death of two Samoan farm workers, with two others in critical condition. The injured were taken to Mildura Base Public Hospital with four trauma teams set up to receive the injured passengers.

The Coroners Court follows cultural protocols and will hold an information session for 30 Samoan pastors. Afterwards, the pastors will be able to recite a prayer and offer Samoan songs for the deceased as would be the cultural tradition.

Heartfelt condolences to the friends and families of the deceased, both here in Australia and in Samoa, who will deeply grieve this loss as a Samoan community. May you find comfort in your Christian faith and the knowledge of God’s loving care.