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Anglican Bishops & Lambeth

The Australian bishops present at the Lambeth conference 2022 celebrate the support of the bishops called together by the Archbishop of Canterbury for the Lambeth Conference 2022 for the ‘Statement of Support regarding Indigenous Peoples in Canada and around the world’.

The Statement recognized and regretted the impacts of colonization that ‘stripped Indigenous peoples of their agency, identity, languages, cultures and governance; colluded with the Doctrine of Discovery (in the Australian context, the aspirations and impact of British imperialism), including corrosive government policies; denigrated their spiritual heritages; prohibited ceremonies and stole their land’. We also acknowledge that many First Nations peoples rejoice in the gift of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and now serve the church in leadership throughout Australia.

With deep repentance the Australian bishops present at Lambeth 2022 recognize that the Anglican Church of Australia colluded in the above and within our own history aided the forced removal of First Nations children from their parents (the Stolen Generations) which has resulted in inter-generational trauma for many First Nations peoples. The Anglican Church of Australia acknowledges its own sinfulness in this regards, has sought forgiveness, but continues to walk with First Nations peoples on the long journey of reconciliation.

The Australian bishops present at Lambeth 2022 recognize the issues brought about by the colonization of Australia on the First Nations peoples that need our prayer, advocacy, and action include: poverty; climate change, in particular, but not exclusively, rising sea levels that are having devastating consequences for the Torres Strait Islander peoples; inadequate housing; under employment; youth suicide; appallingly high levels of youth and adult incarceration; deaths in custody; substance abuse and addiction; domestic and other forms of violence, low levels of education, and the ongoing presence of racism among the general population of Australia and its institutions, including the church.

The Australian bishops present at Lambeth 2022 acknowledge the riches that First Nations cultures bring to the Australian people and rejoice that this is beginning to be valued by many in Australia and the Church. We support the ‘Uluru Statement from the Heart’ and encourage a First Nations voice to be heard in the federal and state parliaments of our land. We join with the bishops present at Lambeth 2022 in committing ourselves to ‘walk with and support Indigenous peoples around the world…’

The Australian bishops present at Lambeth 2022

The Most Rev’d Geoff Smith – Primate

The Most Rev’d Dr Kay Goldsworthy

The Most Rev’d Dr Philip Freier

The Rt Rev’d Chris McLeod

The Rt Rev’d Dr Keith Joseph

The Rt Rev’d Cameron Venables

The Rt Rev’d Jeremy Greaves

The Rt Rev’d John Roundhill

The Rt Rev’d Grant Dibden

The Rt Rev’d Dr Greg Anderson

The Rt Rev’d Dr Mark Short

The Rt Rev’d Dr Richard Treloar

The Rt Rev’d Dr Peter Stuart

The Rt Rev’d Dr Matthew Brain

The Rt Rev’d Ian Coutts

The Rt Rev’d Charles Murry

The Rt Rev’d Sonia Roulston

The Rt Rev’d Carol Wagner

The Rt Rev’d Dr Paul Barker

The Rt Rev’d Dr Brad Billings

The Rt Rev’d Kate Prowd

The Rt Rev’d Jeremy James

The Rt Rev’d Clarence Bester

The Rt Rev’d Genieve Blackwell

The Rt Rev’d Donald Kirk

The Rt Rev’d Murray Harvey

The Rt Rev’d Dr Tim Harris

The Rt Rev’d Denise Ferguson

The Rt Rev’d Peter Grice