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Trans Day of Visibility

Trans Day of Visibility is March 31st each year. It seeks to recognise trans and gender diverse experiences and celebrate achievements.

A vigil for the international day of trans visibility has been organised by Revd Canon Dr Garry Deverell.
Venue: St Mark’s Anglican Church, 250 George St, Fitzroy
Date and time: Friday, March 31, at 6.30pm.

Podcast: Why were neo-Nazis at an anti-trans rally in Melbourne on Sunday 19th March?
This podcast discusses what happened, and the rise of far-right extremism in Victoria and why they’re targeting LGBTQ+ communities in Australia. Listen here.

Anti-trans hate. How do we make sure Australia doesn’t go down the same path as the US and UK?

Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney condemns violent protests
“The Catholic Church teaches that all people should be treated with dignity and respect. Violent acts towards anyone is incompatible with the Gospel and never acceptable”.

In response to the anti-trans rally in front of the Victorian State Parliament on March 18, Uniting Church (Vic/Tas) Moderator David Fotheringham issued the following statement:
“The Uniting Church stands against ideologies of hate. It is distressing to hear that there was a rally of anti-trans activists, including neo-Nazis, on the weekend. Ideologies driven by supposed superiority and hatred of others are abhorrent. The Uniting Church seeks to be welcoming of trans and non-binary people. All of our trans members and friends warrant support and love, within and beyond the church. We also extend our sympathy and support to the Jewish community, also impacted by the actions of some of the protesters.”

This is my body: hearing the theology of transgender Christians (eds Michelle O’Brien and Christina Beardsley). This book emerged ‘from the frustration that others were often speaking about us, but without us. The churches’ tendency is to pronounce about trans people and intersex people rather than engaging with them and hearing their stories. The book brings together articles and narratives by trans Christian people, as well as allies, with the hope that it will encourage other trans Christians to add their insights to the growing literature of trans theology’.

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